Redpath Museum and Barbie Expo

We visited the Redpath Museum on the campus of McGill University in Montreal. As listed on their website, “its mandate is to foster understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our biological, geological, and cultural heritage through scientific research, collections-based study, and education.”

There were many animal specimens.

There were also lots of historical artifacts, including mummies, and lots of shells and gems.

Overall, it was an interesting little museum, but smaller than I expected. The building was not air conditioned and is not handicap accessible. If one is in the area, I suggest a visit, but it was not a must see. There is no cost to enter, but there is a suggested donation.

Next, we walked to the Barbie Expo, which is a free exhibit located in Les Cours Mont Royal, an upscale mall. I was entirely too excited about walking around and looking at all of the Barbies!

Many of the Barbies had outfits designed by different designers.

There were also many Barbies designed to be famous people or famous characters.

I took pictures of almost every Barbie. But I will not post them all for you, just a few highlights. There were hundreds of Barbies!

There were Barbies representing different countries around the world.

My daughter and I even transformed into Barbies for a short moment.

It was a fun visit if you like Barbies and are in the area.

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