Notre Dame de Bon Secours and Chateau Ramezay

For our last afternoon in Montreal, I explored Vieux Montreal on my own, while my husband and daughter went back to the hotel for a swim. My first stop was Chapelle Notre Dame de Bon Secours. This church was built by Marguerite Bourgeoys. The chapel became a favorite place of prayer for sailors and has some model boats hanging from the ceiling.

In the chapel, I also visited the Marguerite Bourgeoys museum. She was a French nun who founded the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal. She developed a convent and a school for girls, the poor, and First Nations children. It was an uncloistered community. There were exhibits on her life and little miniature scenes of her whole life.

Next, a tour guide took me down into the archaelogical site below the chapel. Recently, they have found the remains of the original chapel, constructed in 1675, that was destroyed by a fire.

Back upstairs, there was also a temporary exhibit full of the paper sculptures of artist, Claude Lafortune.

Next, I climbed up the top of the tower, which has the highest view of Old Montreal.

Next, I walked to Chateau Ramezay, a residence built in the 18th century. Its exhibits cover over 500 years of Montreal history.

There was a really interesting temporary exhibit called War Flowers. It told several stories from World War I through the senses, including pressed flowers. At each exhibit, you could press a button a smell the associated scent. It was a touching exhibit.

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