Lac aux Castors

In Mont Royal park, we visited Lac aux Castors (or Beaver Lake). It is an artificial lake, built in 1938. It was very pretty out on this day, and not as hot as the previous days of our trip. The perfect weather for time in the park.

My daughter insisted that we make wishes on all the “wishing flowers.”

We rented a rowboat and my husband rowed us around the lake.

There were a lot of people climbing the waterfall and kids playing in the water.

We also found a playground for my daughter to run around and explore. There were lots of unique pieces of playground equipment that the children loved.

As we waited at the bus stop to return to our hotel, I had to take a picture of these “Christmas trees.” If I return to Montreal, there is a lot more of Mont Royal park that we did not get to explore. I am glad that we got to experience this little corner of the park, however.

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