For King and Country Concert

I haven’t posted a blog post since July. Life is busy, as always. Eventually, I will get around to posting some highlights from our trip to Disney World in October. Today, I wanted to share a little about the For King and Country concert that my daughter and I attended on Thursday in Baton Rouge.

Last year, I remember seeing an awesome performance of For King and Country doing the Little Drummer Boy on some TV or Christmas special. It was one of those intense and interesting performances that stick with you, so I knew that this wouldn’t be just any ordinary concert.

For King and Country is a duo of two brothers from Australia, who currently live in Nashville. They are a very popular Christian band. The concert was so interesting and different. It is extremely high energy. They and the band use so many different instruments, including a lot of percussion.

There were moments where there at least 5 different people drumming on different sets. They would pull out all kinds of different instruments, running around the stage.

At one point in the show, the whole band moved to another stage closer to where I was sitting, giving people even closer access.

At some points, the concert would pause and it would be like being at church. The two brothers were preaching about God’s love for all of us. At one point, they stopped completely to talk about sponsoring children through Compassion International, and I left this show with a monthly commitment to an 8 year old boy in Uganda. They are truly using their fame to make a difference in the world. Anyone who committed to a sponsorship during the intermission received a bag with their Christmas CD, an autographed picture, and a leather keychain.

I would definitely recommend For King and Country shows to any Christian music fan and also anyone who appreciates a good show. It was fun, entertaining, and inspiring. I had some reservations about taking my daughter to a concert on a school night (and we did end up having to leave before it was over, since she was tired), but I’m so glad that she got to have this experience with me. We have been doing her family homework to prepare for her sacrament of first reconciliation, and part of her goal this week was supposed to be doing some sort of giving to those in need. I think that our sponsorship of a boy her age will be enlightening and powerful. We wrote our first letter to him today.

If you ever get the opportunity to see For King and Country live, go for it!

Spreading Love through Music – a Celine Dion Concert Review

Last night, my sister and I attended Celine Dion’s Courage tour in New Orleans. I love attending concerts, but this one definitely blew both of us away. It was amazing!

Celine Dion was our first major stadium concert back in middle school. I was a big fan back at that time, over twenty years ago now. I remember doing a project on her once for music class.

While I have always remained a fan, I have not followed her career closely in the intervening years. Last night reminded me how completely amazing she is!

My sister and I unintentionally wore outfits that were color-coordinated. We had a laugh at our accidental twinning. Many of the fans, however, wore sparkles, sequins, and fur in dramatic silhouettes. I wished that I had dressed with a bit more glam, although my outfit was chosen to take me straight from work to the concert. Together, we decided that we need to attend more events where sequins are the norm and bring some more sparkle into our lives!

And let me tell you, Celine is someone who embraces the sparkle. She had several outfit changes. Each time, I could not wait to see the dramatic and fun look she would sport next.

Pictures that I take at concerts never turn out great, but here is a look at her six different looks.

She started the show with this sparkly red dress with a slit up to there! She is 51 years old, but she has a dancer’s body. Throughout the concert, she did squats and back bends in high heels like it was nothing!

Her next outfit was this tuxedo-inspired pantsuit with the biggest sleeves I’ve ever seen. My sister joked that she looked like a waiter carrying two tablecloths. But you know what, when you’re a diva….you pull it off!

Eventually, she ripped off the sleeves and performed in just the pantsuit.

Her next outfit was a lacy floor-length gown.

In this sassy and silver sequin jumpsuit, Celine performed a medley of covers including “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Kiss,” “Lady Marmalade,” and more. It was spectacular.

Her last outfit of the night was this dramatic poofy gown that she wore for the encore. She came out singing “My Heart Will Go On,” but actually ended the show with John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

It’s hard to put into words what made this show so amazing. It was such a positive, hopeful, and heartfelt performance. From beginning to end, Celine seemed so genuinely appreciative of her fans. She exuded kindness and gratitude. She accepted every gift handed to her from people in the front row as if it was a priceless treasure.

She was entertaining and funny, but even more, she was spreading the messages of love, courage, and peace.

When the couple seen at the top of the picture below got engaged during “Because You Love Me,” she was so excited.

Each part of the show was visually stunning without being too over the top. She highlighted several different musicians in her band. She even brought out one of her back-up singers (I presume) to do the Beauty and the Beast duet with her.

There were cool video montages playing during each of her outfit changes (which she did rather quickly).

She sang all of her big songs, both old and new. It truly was an amazing concert. My Celine Dion fandom has been revitalized. If you ever get the chance to see her live, I highly recommend it. You will walk away not only entertained, but feeling hopeful, loved, and maybe even a bit glamorous!

Hanson – Wintry Mix Tour

Two nights ago, I got to see Hanson live at the Fillmore in New Orleans for their Wintry Mix tour. I have been a huge Hanson fan consistently since middle school. If you only know “Mmmbop,” you are missing out.

Hanson is a pop rock band, and they put out new albums regularly. I am lucky that they almost always come to New Orleans when they tour, and I have had the opportunity to see them live a few different times.

This was my first time at the Fillmore. They have always played at the House of Blues in the past. The Fillmore is located inside of Harrah’s casino, and it is really nice. It’s much bigger than House of Blues. It is quite spacious, with multiple rooms. The decor is NOLA themed and fun.

We arrived for a 6pm show and were told that Hanson didn’t come on until 9pm! There were two opening acts. Thankfully, they have space to sit and visit and order food and drinks. There were even some Hanson-themed drinks, but I’m too cheap for expensive cocktails.

All Hanson shows are awesome. They are great musicians with upbeat energy. This show was especially exciting, because they played a mix of their hits and Christmas songs! Hanson has put out two Christmas albums, and I love Christmas music!

If you are not familiar with Hanson’s music, do yourself a favor and give them a listen.

My great love, Taylor, who unfortunately married someone else.

Backstreet Boys Concert

Last night, I was fortunate to be able to attend the Backstreet Boys concert.  It was fun and full of energy. I got my tickets on a super sale, so the seats weren’t the best.  We were up high and on the side, so I watched the big screens more than the stage, but I could see both.

The nostalgia factor ranks high when it comes to my taste in music.  I truly believe that the music we listen to and love during our adolescence will always hold a special place in our hearts due to its connection to a highly emotional time in one’s life.  Regardless of generation, people are drawn to the music of their adolescence.  

You are my fire!

I purchased my first Backstreet Boys album on cassette.  I remember dancing to “Backstreet’s Back” at my middle school dances.  

The show was great.  Each member of the band had their time to shine and they obviously work well together.  They made some jokes about their age, but they were still able to dance and jump all around the stage.

Brian’s son, Baylee, opened for them, which was sweet to see the next generation being supported.  

Some of their clothes was kind of cheesy, but the coordinated outfits and choreography are all part of the fun!  I took a bunch of pictures, but most of them came out too blurry to post.

They sang all of their old hits, along with songs from the new album.  The new album, DNA, is great and includes some really good songs. So it’s not just the nostalgia factor making them great!  They’ve got 26 years of great music to perform. And don’t forget…