Backstreet Boys Concert

Last night, I was fortunate to be able to attend the Backstreet Boys concert.  It was fun and full of energy. I got my tickets on a super sale, so the seats weren’t the best.  We were up high and on the side, so I watched the big screens more than the stage, but I could see both.

The nostalgia factor ranks high when it comes to my taste in music.  I truly believe that the music we listen to and love during our adolescence will always hold a special place in our hearts due to its connection to a highly emotional time in one’s life.  Regardless of generation, people are drawn to the music of their adolescence.  

You are my fire!

I purchased my first Backstreet Boys album on cassette.  I remember dancing to “Backstreet’s Back” at my middle school dances.  

The show was great.  Each member of the band had their time to shine and they obviously work well together.  They made some jokes about their age, but they were still able to dance and jump all around the stage.

Brian’s son, Baylee, opened for them, which was sweet to see the next generation being supported.  

Some of their clothes was kind of cheesy, but the coordinated outfits and choreography are all part of the fun!  I took a bunch of pictures, but most of them came out too blurry to post.

They sang all of their old hits, along with songs from the new album.  The new album, DNA, is great and includes some really good songs. So it’s not just the nostalgia factor making them great!  They’ve got 26 years of great music to perform. And don’t forget…

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