For King and Country Concert

I haven’t posted a blog post since July. Life is busy, as always. Eventually, I will get around to posting some highlights from our trip to Disney World in October. Today, I wanted to share a little about the For King and Country concert that my daughter and I attended on Thursday in Baton Rouge.

Last year, I remember seeing an awesome performance of For King and Country doing the Little Drummer Boy on some TV or Christmas special. It was one of those intense and interesting performances that stick with you, so I knew that this wouldn’t be just any ordinary concert.

For King and Country is a duo of two brothers from Australia, who currently live in Nashville. They are a very popular Christian band. The concert was so interesting and different. It is extremely high energy. They and the band use so many different instruments, including a lot of percussion.

There were moments where there at least 5 different people drumming on different sets. They would pull out all kinds of different instruments, running around the stage.

At one point in the show, the whole band moved to another stage closer to where I was sitting, giving people even closer access.

At some points, the concert would pause and it would be like being at church. The two brothers were preaching about God’s love for all of us. At one point, they stopped completely to talk about sponsoring children through Compassion International, and I left this show with a monthly commitment to an 8 year old boy in Uganda. They are truly using their fame to make a difference in the world. Anyone who committed to a sponsorship during the intermission received a bag with their Christmas CD, an autographed picture, and a leather keychain.

I would definitely recommend For King and Country shows to any Christian music fan and also anyone who appreciates a good show. It was fun, entertaining, and inspiring. I had some reservations about taking my daughter to a concert on a school night (and we did end up having to leave before it was over, since she was tired), but I’m so glad that she got to have this experience with me. We have been doing her family homework to prepare for her sacrament of first reconciliation, and part of her goal this week was supposed to be doing some sort of giving to those in need. I think that our sponsorship of a boy her age will be enlightening and powerful. We wrote our first letter to him today.

If you ever get the opportunity to see For King and Country live, go for it!

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