Awhile back, I wrote out about my subscription to Causebox, and my love of subscription boxes. Today’s post is about my subscription to Rocksbox. This is the one that I love to tell people about the most. Every time someone compliments a piece of jewelry that I am wearing, I let them know, “It’s from Rocksbox!”

I have been a member of Rocksbox since 2016. Basically, it is a jewelry rental service. You pay a monthly fee and can exchange pieces for new jewelry as often as you like. Each box comes with three pieces of jewelry. You wear the pieces for as long as you like, and when you are ready to switch it up, just send them back and they will send you a new box!

They carry lots of fun jewelry designers, such as Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, Sophie Harper, and much more. They are always adding new pieces to their collection. Keep your wishlist on the website up to date, and you are sure to always get pieces that you love!

I joined because I wanted to build up my jewelry collection. It is fun to try out new pieces and purchase the ones that I love. The monthly fee is used as a credit on any purchases you make, so if you buy a piece each month, you are really getting a good deal. The pieces are already discounted, and you get more discounts the more pieces you buy from a box.

I love the variety of jewelry that I get to wear. Sometimes it is fun to wear a special piece for a few weeks, even if I don’t have the intention of purchasing it. I usually exchange my box once a month, so that I get a few weeks wear out of each set. I’ve bought many pieces over the three years that I have been a member, building up my jewelry collection, but it is also fun just trying out different pieces.

Here is a peek at my most recent box. I received a set of earrings, a necklace, and a set of stacking rings. Each box comes with a note from your stylist. Before your box is mailed out, you are given the opportunity to preview your box and switch out any pieces that you like. When I first joined the service, it was more of a surprise what would come in my box. Now that their collection is so large and I keep my wishlist up to date, I always get three items straight from my wishlist. This is nice, because I know that I will never get an item that I would never wear.

If you are intrigued and would like to try Rocksbox for yourself, use my referral link below and get a free month! You can also use my referral code, which is RENEEYBFF1

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