For the love of sleep

So, it has been awhile since my last blog post.  School is back in session, and I have been staying busy.  That means my free time is usually devoted to my favorite pastime – sleep!

I have always slept a lot.  Unlike many, I prioritize sleep over many other things.  That may not always be the best thing, but it is what I do.  I never pulled all-nighters to get homework done in high school or college.  I don’t stay up late watching Netflix. My whole life, I’ve been someone who goes to bed early.

I’m also a napper.  My five year old daughter has outgrown the nap, but you will often find me snoozing away a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes I think about all of the other things I could accomplish if I just stayed up a little later or skipped that nap.  I know that it is healthy to get a good night’s sleep, but does my love of sleep cross over into the unhealthy range?  

I remember back in college in my developmental psychology class, my textbook had a quiz in it to estimate your life span.  You start at a certain number depending on if you are male or female and then as you answer each question, you add or subtract years to your life.  Do you smoke? Do you exercise regularly? Does diabetes run in your family? On and on. When I got to the question about sleep, I actually had to subtract years from my life because I said that I slept 9-10 hours a day.

My husband likes to blame it on my thyroid, but I feel like my thyroid condition is well-managed.  I take medicine every day and my ranges stay where they should. I just really like to sleep!

Oh well, if sleeping is my one vice, it could be worse!

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