Bright Side Music

Listening to music is a powerful way to spread a message, set a mood, relax, and “look on the bright side!” I love listening to music with a powerful or inspirational message, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite albums that fit into this category. For each album, I will mention my top 3-4 tracks. As I was preparing to write this post, my daughter randomly reminded me of a scene in Hotel Transylvania 3 where the villian is defeated with the power of happy music! I love music that makes me feel good.

The first album I want to profile is India.Arie’s Songversation: Medicine (2017). The title of the album represents exactly what listening to it is: medicine for your soul. You could prescribe these songs to someone having a rough time. One of the tracks is even titled “Chicken Soup in a Song.” India.Arie’s lyrics feel like poetry. There are only 8 tracks on this EP, and they are all excellent.

  • “I Am Light”
  • “Give Thanks”
  • “Just Let It Go”
  • “Life Is Good”

The next album is “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams (2017). If you listen to Christian radio, you will already be familiar with this artist, as he is very popular at the moment. For me, his lyrics and voice stick out from the other Christian artists commonly played on the radio. He has a country/Southern Rock vibe, and even covers an Allman Brothers song on this album. There are 15 awesome tracks. They remind me about the power of God, and it is music that moves you.

  • “Chain Breaker”
  • “Old Church Choir”
  • “Fear is a Liar”

The final album that I will recommend is Jewel’s “Spirit” (1998). This one brings me back to my early high school years. I have always been a huge Jewel fan, and I’ve seen her in concert twice. Every song that she writes is pure poetry, and she has a wonderful voice. Some of the 13 tracks on this album are inspirational, while others tell stories. It is beautiful and uplifting.

  • “Hands”
  • “Innocence Maintained”
  • “Life Uncommon”

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