Be Present

I have an addiction to my phone and laptop. I spend far too much of my time scrolling through Facebook or checking emails. I know this is a problem, and yet it persists. The magnetic letters on my fridge remind me to “be present.” I have the Space app on my phone to track my phone usage, and send me little reminders like “isn’t it time you took a break?” And yet my five year old daughter still finds opportunities to say things like “you pay more attention to your phone than me.” Nothing like a pre-schooler to tell you the truth.

I actually held out on getting a smart phone longer than most, because I predicted that I would struggle with finding the right phone-life balance. In 2011, I went on a work trip and remember sitting on the bus quietly while everyone played on their phones. Seeing as I’m also an introvert and don’t often engage others in small talk, I had only my own thoughts to entertain me. It was not long after that trip that I decided to get my first smart phone.

I do believe that a lot of great things come from social media. It is a great way to connect and share information. That is why I have not tried removing social media as a whole from my life. The Space app is a great tool when I actually utilize it and don’t just ignore its comments, as I’ve tended to do lately. Like I stated earlier, preschoolers are probably the best protection against overuse of the internet. Sometimes I just have to listen to my daughter and stop everything to color a picture of My Little Pony or play a round of Hide and Seek. What do you do to remind yourself to live in the real world and not just in the internet world?

5 thoughts on “Be Present

  1. Carly

    What I’m about to say isn’t quite an answer to your question, but I feel like it’s in the ballpark. I can’t knit and be on the Internet or read while knitting. I mostly watch tv while knitting, but I can hold a conversation while knitting. But I when I’ve finished a project that I was busting my butt on, I’ll notice how little I was on my phone. And I don’t find that I’ve missed it. So maybe finding something else to occupy your hands. A grown up version of a fidget spinner.

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  2. Jessica McNeir

    I do not suffer with phone and internet usage. My issue is my own mind. My brain since I was a child is like a funhouse of ideas, jokes, opinions, music. It’s like a tv that is always on in the background. When I meditate, especially when I lie in bed waiting to fall asleep I must calmly focus on my breathing and the idea of nothing. “Silencing the babbling brook” as Suzuki says.


      1. Vickie

        I put my phone down at work. This instant age of answering right back gets people irritated when you don’t. They’ve learned that I’m giving their kids 100% attention. So they are ok with it !🤗


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