A Day in St. Francisville

On Ash Wednesday, my daughter and I went to spend the day in St. Francisville. We started with a visit to the Audubon State Historic Site. It is a beautiful Louisiana State Park. Oakley House is a nice plantation home. John James Audubon lived there for a short time when he worked as a tutor. There is a museum dedicated to information about both the plantation and Audubon. He did 32 of his famous bird paintings while here.

My daughter and I learned lots of things both visiting the museum and on the tour. We were the only guests on the tour, and so had a personalized experience.

Sketching a bird, just like Audubon
Travelling with an 8 year old. “A butt!”

After our visit to the Audubon site, we had lunch at Magnolia Cafe, a popular spot with the locals.

Next, we visited the Myrtles Plantation. It is known as a very haunted spot, so my daughter was very interested in finding a ghost. The tour was very interesting.

A collection of earrings stolen by the ghost, Chloe
“Mom, take my picture and let’s look for a ghost in the background”

The last thing we did on our day visit to St. Francisville was a hike at Mary Ann Brown Nature Preserve. We intended to do just the main trail, but at some point, I think we accidentally went on one of the other loops. When we made our way back to a point we recognized, we decided to walk back the way we came instead of finishing the loop. The trail was interesting with some ups and downs (which is unusual in Louisiana) but a few of the trail markers were hard to understand. We got in some extra exercise that we hadn’t intended on!

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