Islands of Adventure – Pt. 3

I have already shared two blog posts with pictures from our recent trip to Islands of Adventure. Those included my pictures from Hogsmeade and Seuss Landing, where we spent the majority of our time. This last post shares a few more pictures from other parts of the park.

We visited Jurassic Park. I declined to go on the Jurassic Park water ride, but my daughter and I did do Pternadon Flyers which is only for children and one parent.

We did do the raptor encounter which is fun. I got a fun video out of it of me acting like a spaz.

We also spent a small amount of time in superhero island. Since I don’t ride the big roller coasters, our time here was limited to one ride on Spiderman, which is a 3-D ride.

We did a socially distanced meet and greet with Spiderman and Captain America. They sang a fun birthday song to the boy who went right before us.

Each store in different areas of the park had themed Christmas trees, which was quite fun. There was an official Christmas tree scavenger hunt that one could participate in, but I didn’t do that.

We saw these characters in front of where the Poseidon’s Fury show would normally be. It is currently closed due to Covid.

Overall, we had a really fun two days in the Islands of Adventure park at Universal Studios.

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