Dear Evan Hansen

Yesterday, I saw the Broadway play Dear Evan Hansen here in New Orleans.  It was amazing, of course.  I had first listened to the soundtrack a couple years ago after the show won at the Tonys, but I had to read plot summaries to get a feel for the whole story between the songs.  Seeing the show performed really brought it all together.

It was funny.  It was inspiring.  It was sad. Walking out of the theater after the show, it was obvious that many tears had been shed among the audience.

The play is very relevant to the experience of today’s teen.  The power of the internet is a big part of the show. Our interconnectedness can be used for good and can also keep us apart.

It’s a story about depression, but even more, it’s a story about how each of us matters.  It’s a reminder that it does get better.

The show is amazing and powerful.  If you ever have the opportunity to see it, I highly recommend it.  The cast is small, but we really get to know each character. The set design and effects are really cool and evocative of how social media is so ever-present in our lives. Ultimately, it is about connection between people.

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